Tips on Navigating the Nursing Home Admission Process

Elderly lady 2There may come a point in your parent’s life when medical professionals determine they need 24 hour care. This does not necessarily mean they need an aid by their side all 24 hours during the day but that they need assistance for one reason or another at any given point during the day with no prediction as to when. This type of care is very expensive  so most people don’t have the means to pay for this care privately at home and unfortunately the Medicaid (Masshealth) Program does not come close to funding that type of care in a setting other than a Nursing Home so Nursing home placement is inevitable and unavoidable to ensure your loved ones safety.

Commonly there are two ways in which one gets admitted into a Skilled Nursing Facility;

1. They have an accident or illness that requires hospitalization for three nights or longer and requires additional physical or occupational therapy in a Skilled Nursing Facility. Their Medicare insurance will pay for that rehabilitation for a short period of time at that facility and then once the rehabilitation ends the staff at the facility determine they think it is unsafe for he patient to go home and they convert to custodial long-term care within the same facility.

2. They are admitted right from home. This is the more difficult route since the health care system does not drive the admission rather you personally make the determination. In addition to being the more emotionally difficult route it is also tougher to find placement since Medicare does not cover that first part of the stay, which facilities really love. If one does not have the means to pay privately upon admission the placement gets even more difficult because the patient will be considered Medicaid pending which is the worst payer source in the eyes of the facility.

Even though this may be the most difficult decision a child has to make on behalf of their parent it more often than not comes with a huge sense of relief post admission knowing your loved one will be very safe and that you are no longer their primary caretaker.

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